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We have adapted our CSA to make sure it is safe in light of Covid-19. Please see details here. We have had a lot of new interest in our CSA, and in order to make sure we can smoothly accommodate the addition of more people, we are now only taking names for our CSA’s waiting list**

Thank you for your interest in our CSA program! We’ve been operating our CSA in Yamhill County since 2006, making 2020 our 15th season!

In that time, we’ve fine tuned how to make a CSA really work for our customers. Our CSA offers the best of both worlds — the connection to one farm and convenience offered by a CSA and the flexibility and choice of a market booth. When you email us to sign up, you will select your share size, which is how many “items” you want to select each week. An “item” simply represent a unit of vegetables, for example: 1 bunch of kale, 1.5 lbs carrots, a cabbage, 1.5 lbs tomatoes, 1.5 lbs apples, etc. At pick-up, you get to choose how you assemble your share based on that number of items. It’s totally flexible — you can take more than one of an item if it’s a favorite, or skip a vegetable item completely if you’re not in the mood. Each week, you’ll take home a share that you’ve tailored to your family’s appetites and preferences. During the Covid-19 period of social distancing, members will place orders ahead of time via our website newsletters and we will fill those orders for members to pick up at our storefront. We will bring them out to cars.

2020’s season will run 33 weeks: April 2 through November 12. ** We are now only taking names for our CSA’s waiting list. Email to be added.** Here are 2020’s share size options and prices:

  • Medium share (5 items/week) ~ $495 ($360 for new members)
  • Large share (8 items/week) ~ $792 ($576 for new members)
  • X-Large share (12 items/week) ~ $1188 per week ($864 for new members)
  • Custom share size (you choose the number of items) ~ price varies
  • “A la carte” flexible CSA (new option!) ~ you deposit a sum of money ($300 minimum) to create a balance and then work off that balance throughout the season, allowing households that need more flexibility to still participate in our CSA program without committing to a set amount of produce every single week (please note: no balance can be carried past end of 2019)

Our downtown storefront!

Our downtown storefront!Convenient pick-up location & day/time!
In 2020, we will again host pick-up on Thursday afternoons, 3:00-6:00 pm in our downtown McMinnville store front (more accurately, store back — we’ll be in the storefront behind Yamhill Valley Dry Goods, facing the parking lot off of 2nd St). You’ll find us just off the parking lot on 2nd St, between Evans and Davis. Your farmers, Casey and Katie, will be at Thursday pick-up every week, available to help you get your share, answer any questions, and offer cooking suggestions. You’ll also run into friends (and make new ones) — each week’s CSA pick-up is truly a community event!



Organic fruit!
In addition to a wide range of organic seasonal vegetables, each week you’ll also find one or more fresh fruit options to choose from! We grow apples, European pears, Asian pears, plums, cherries, strawberries, and grapes; and one or more of these fruits will be available most weeks of the season. These are included in your share and should be considered when you determine your family’s appropriate share size!

Long season of veggies!
Over the course of our long CSA season, you’ll have the opportunity to taste the best of every season: spring’s tender greens, summer’s fruits, late fall’s hardy roots, and more! Check out our Harvest Schedule to see a visual guide to how our offerings shift over the year.

Multiple payment schedule options!
When you fill out your CSA form, you’ll be asked to choose between one payment (for the full value of your 2020 season) or three payments spread out over the season. If you choose to make three payments, I will email you updated statements and payment reminders before each payment is due. We accept payment by check or cash. Also, we want you to know that if you really need a different payment schedule, please let us know! We can be flexible, and we want everyone to be able to participate!

Community and connection!
In addition to the weekly pick-ups, you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your direct relationship to the farm and its people through our seasonal on-farm events and our weekly newsletters, which contain serving ideas, reflections, and news from the farm.

Contact us if you have questions!

Want to sign up? Find out how over here!

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But, don’t just take our word for it! Here are voices from some satisfied Oakhill Organics CSA members:

“I am so appreciative of being part of Oakhill Organics. Each week there is at least one thing that is so good it blows my mind. It might be carrots that are so sweet that you just know that they are the best carrots you have ever eaten. It might be collard greens so young and tender that you can’t wait to make them again the next night. The freshness and overall quality can not be purchased at any price elsewhere”

“Fresh veggies every week—who could ask for more? The variety is wonderful and we now have new favorite veggies we wouldn’t have otherwise tried. The friendly face that greets us each week and the other people we’ve become acquainted with are definite perks! New recipes, new veggies, new friends—what a deal!”

“We have been getting our veggies almost exclusively from Oakhill Organic’s CSA since it started. The CSA is such a part of our life, we can’t imagine life without it any more. The quality is consistently high. The veggies are organic, fresh, local, beautiful and delicious.”

“I love having organic and local vegetables in my fridge. The flavor and freshness are fantastic. I eat way more of them (and a greater variety too) than I would if I was buying them at the store. The preparation tips and recipes in the newsletters are really helpful.”

“We love getting fresh, organic produce from Oakhill Organics. And we love being part of a community of like minded people who also appreciate local, organic food. Katie and Casey are awesome!”

“I didn’t know cauliflower could get this big!”

“Katie and Casey have a passion for good local organic farming and it shows in the veggies they produce. Their warm friendly smiles greet you each week during pick up and they always have great suggestions of how to prepare their yummy produce.”

“Oakhill Organics provides high quality, local, organic vegetables and fruit. Katie and Casey are amazing farmers and members of our community!”

Thanks to our community members for these words! We wish we had the opportunity to write testimonials about our customers, who are universally an amazing lot of people. Thanks for being a part of our farm!!!!