Thanksgiving Holiday Harvest 2020

Friends! Below you’ll find the list and order form for our upcoming 2020 Thanksgiving Holiday Harvest.

Please place your orders by this Sunday evening.

We will harvest for you and bring your packed bags to the downtown storefront for you to pick up on Tuesday, November 3-5 pm.

The price is $3/item. We can take cash or check at the time of pick-up, or you can calculate your total ahead of time and pay with a credit card or PayPal here:

Also, thank you to everyone for their words of encouragement and appreciation as we move onto new life adventures. I don’t think we can say “thank you” enough for the gifts we’ve received over the last 15 years.

Your farmers, Katie & Casey Kulla

Place your order:

Place your order by Sunday evening for pick up on Tuesday 3-5. Price is $3/item. We can take cash or check at time of pick-up or payment online ahead of time.
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