A huge thank you

As you know, Oakhill Organics’s first season is off to a great start. We’re not changing the world or getting rich, but we’re feeding people some good vegetables and hopefully making a little bit of money. These are big successes for us, especially in our first year.

And, although Casey and I have certainly worked hard to pull this off, we could never have gotten this far without the support we’ve received. Maybe it’s premature to assume the entire season will continue this successfully, but either way we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the many, many people who have made this much possible …

Thank you to our CSA members and customers at market, who have trusted us thus far and delight us by enjoying our vegetables. To John and Kena Foster, for the best lease situation we could have ever imagined (we are so grateful to be here!). Your support, enthusiasm, and flexibility have been amazing this spring. To our families and friends, who have helped us build this dream, both through financial support and by believing in us. And, many, many, many, many thanks to Mike and Kim Finger, and the Cedarville crew, for our fabulous training. We are grateful everyday for the experience and knowledge we gained while working at Cedarville. Even though we can’t anticipate every possible glitch or obstacle, we feel prepared to at least begin dealing with most aspects of this market gardening business.

Again, maybe this is all premature, but we feel fortunate everyday to know the people we know, to be in this community, and to have the background we do. So, thank you all.

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