Almost Halloween …

Annual photo of our giant walnut tree in full fall color!

It’s really been a beautiful fall. What fall isn’t, really? Some are sunnier. Some are rainier. Many bring both kinds of weather into our lives in doses that keep us on our toes and interested in what every day will bring — so unlike the monotony that can set in during summer (dry, hot) or winter (wet, gray).

And, then there are fall days like today, when the foliage is at its peak of color and the sun comes out, shining its natural golden filter over everything. Be still my heart amidst all this splendor! It was an perfect day to harvest, and the vegetables match in flavors and tone: savory leeks for cold weather stews paired with golden pie pumpkins and yellow chard. Yum!

And, in other fall news, a few important notes for next week. This will be the first time we’ve hosted CSA pick-up downtown on Halloween day. You may be aware that there is a well-attended trick-or-treating event on 3rd Street from 4-6 pm. The event itself will take place only on 3rd Street, but it’s possible that this event could affect parking and increase congestion, so if you are able we recommend coming on the early side next week.

We won’t have candy, but we will be in costume ourselves and would love to see others in costume too! I have to admit that I used to feel rather underwhelmed about Halloween (even though I have always loved fall!), but somehow Dottie got Halloween on her radar at a young age and she has really inspired me to love this holiday too! She’s all about the spooky-goofiness of it all, and so now I find myself smiling at yards full of skeletons and of course the classic pumpkins. Death is a hard reality for us all, and I love the childish response to make fun of it for one night of the year (or embrace it, depending on your view — but I think most of Halloween is akin to Carnival, a riotous way to process hard realities through laughter and goofy joy).

But that’s next week! This week we’re graced with this golden fall goodness. Soak it up! And, enjoy this week’s vegetables!

Your farmers, Katie & Casey Kulla

~ ~ ~

Meet this week’s vegetables:

  • Cortland apples
  • Seasonal salad mix
  • Golden chard
  • Broccoli — This has been a stellar broccoli season. The mild summer combined with good rainfall followed by nicer weather is exactly the perfect set of conditions for growing big, beautiful broccoli with lots and lots of tasty side shoots. We hope you’ve been loving the broccoli abundance as much as we have!
  • Cabbage
  • Pie pumpkins
  • Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins! — We’re bringing some jack-o-lantern pumpkins to pick-up tomorrow! If you still need a pumpkin for your porch, pick one up!
  • “Elba” potatoes
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Leeks
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