Cabbage & Egg Noodles – an Oakhill favorite

Ok, honestly, some people find the winter cabbages to be overwhelming at times. They’re kind of the ‘distinctive’ winter veggies that people love to hate, even though most people enjoy them too.

For those of you who might still be struggling with some of aspects of seasonal eating, here is (once again) our absolute favorite cabbage recipe. We eat this regularly all winter long and it has become a real comfort food for our household. (We originally found the recipe in Saveur magazine — it’s a type of Austrian street food.)

Begin by chopping an onion or two. In a deep pan with liberal amounts of butter or olive oil, sauté the onion until translucent. Add to the pan: finely chopped cabbage, preferably lots of it. (We usually try to use either a half or a whole cabbage at a time. We’d rather have leftover cooked food that we know we’ll eat for lunch the next day than a small amount of leftover raw cabbage that gets pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten.)

Add more butter or oil to prevent cabbage from sticking. Stir and then cover to let cabbage wilt. Stir occasionally and cook until cabbage is very soft, adding more butter or oil as necessary.

Meanwhile, cook egg noodles, drain and add to the pan with onions and cabbage. Mix vegetables and noodles together and … add more butter if necessary to coat noodles (this is comfort food, not health food!). Salt and pepper to taste and serve hot with a side of cooked bratwurst, hard cheese and/or crusty bread.

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