Calling all cooks!

Dearest Oakhill CSA members, both past and present —

If you haven’t read the news on our blog yet, 2015 is our tenth season as a CSA farm here in Yamhill County! Where does the time go?

To celebrate, I am going to create a project that has been a long-time coming: a farm cookbook! Most of the text will be written by me, inspired by our household’s culinary philosophy of simple, easy, delicious seasonal cooking. I’m thinking of this cookbook as almost the “anti-cookbook” — rather than listing lots of complex recipes with very specific measured out ingredients, our cookbook will be chock full of information about different seasonal vegetables (helping folks really understand the nature of each veggie) and offering very flexible, easy-to-follow serving suggestions that can make best use of CSA-style seasonal veggie eating (or garden eating, or whatnot!).

I thought it’d be fun to also include ideas from our CSA members too (past and present!). Over the years, folks have often shared their favorite ideas with me, and our own cooking has been inspired by those suggestions. I bet our community of eaters has lots of awesome ideas. I’m looking for your “go to” preparation methods — those dishes that you might make mid-week because they are easy and your whole family loves them. Send us your favorite one or two such dishes! I’m especially looking for ideas for those “harder-to-love” veggies (such as beets, fennel, cauliflower, kohlrabi, etc.), since those are often where people need the most help. Or, maybe your idea isn’t even for a vegetable itself but for an item that goes with veggies (such as a favorite salad dressing). Remember to consider veggies available in all the seasons! We’re in fall now, but this cookbook will be useful in winter, spring, and summer too …

Given that it’s possible we’ll have some overlap in ideas, it’s likely I will edit text a bit, and I’ve decided not to include specific names of contributors. But you’ll see your contributions there nonetheless!

As part of our celebration, all 2015 CSA members will receive a free copy of the cookbook as part of their share price! Hoorah!

So, take a few days to think of your favorite dishes and then share your ideas with me via email! And don’t worry if your favorite “dish” seems too simple to be included — that’s the best kind of idea for someone who needs help! I want to write a cookbook that will be fun to read and help every person grow in their love of vegetables!!!

Hope you are enjoying these early fall days. And thank you!


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