Cute alert! Baby animals!

Yesterday we had a less than satisfactory day. Overall, our productivity was low. Maybe it was because we were still recovering from our weeklong building sprint. Maybe it was because the snowy weather slowed us down. Either way, we drove around town trying to run errands and make decisions, but we didn’t end up accomplishing much besides buying a few random tools, picking up linoleum samples, and ordering our woodstove (which was admittedly exciting).

We did, however, stop by our friends Chrissie and Koorosh’s farm to pick up some lamb meat (which Casey used to make a delicious curry dish that night-yum!). While we were there we also visited with all the baby animals they have at Kookoolan Farm right now. Every time we visit, there’s a new addition to the farm family (or several!). On Wednesday we saw chicks, a sweet jersey calf, four baby goats, and a lamb. The goats were just about the cutest things, ever. I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the cuteness to share:

Chrissie with one of the little goats.

Mama Goat and her triplets!

Aw … another sweet goat.

Casey trying to teach the calf how to be a ruminant (“Alfalfa tastes good!”).

More of the farm family, including mature laying hens and dairy cows.

We do love vegetables-they’re tasty and nutritious-but, in the end, they’re just not as sweet as baby animals! And you can’t really cuddle with them. The Kookoolan menagerie cheered us up at the end of a ‘blah’ day. I hope they brought a smile to yours as well!

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