Farm equipment for sale

As we reorient our farm, we have farm equipment that needs to find a new home, including lots of livestock related items (plus a few other things too). We’ve included basic details and prices. Contact us if you are interested! You will need to come and pick these items up and haul them yourself. We are happy to make good deals for people buying more than a few of these items!

Livestock related items

Chicken wagon #1: 4×8 former airport luggage cart with eight steel nest boxes and solid/flexible floor. We have towed this with an ATV, Gator and tractor. Asking $800.

IMG_3783 IMG_3784Chicken wagon #2: 2-axle trailer base with a 12’x10′ wood house. No floor! Contains 36 custom built wooden nest boxes. Asking $1500.

IMG_3779IMG_3780One exterior flap needs to be replaced.


Thousands of feet of electric poultry netting + step in posts + two Premier 1 PRS solar energizers + hot wire for connecting fences and energizers: All purchased new from Premier 1. Everything works. We will sell each of these at 30% the new cost of same item from Premier 1 today.


Water troughs + fonts for chicks: included with purchase of netting and energizers.

Mower-conditioner for making hay: Everything works. Sickle-bar blade. $750

IMG_3785 IMG_3786Big Red Honda 3-wheeler: $500

IMG_3776 IMG_3775High quality cooler for hauling slaughtered poultry: $50

IMG_3778Large chest freezer for frozen retail bird sales (or other meat storage): Purchased new from Rice Furniture in 2015. $350


Vegetable or row crop production

Drangen self-propelled farm working platform: Set up for one person, with Honda gasoline engine. $2000

IMG_3773 IMG_3772 IMG_3771

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