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We posted this sign almost four years ago. It’s a little worn from the years, but it’s still an important reminder that these values ARE patriotic.

Hi friends. Here we are, on Election Night Eve. How do you feel? I’m all over the place myself, trying not to get bogged down in looking for answers on the internet or in the media that just don’t exist there yet. It’s a good time to keep busy with household obligations and simple manual work. The waiting is hard.

But, this isn’t just a waiting game. This election season has been an opportunity for all of us to become engaged. It is clear now that people across the country have woken up and realized that democracy is something that needs to be actively maintained, election by election — by all of us. I am inspired by the millions of people who are voting early, many of them for the very first time.

We turned in our ballots early on, so on a practical level, our work is done (we also donated money as we could to local and national candidates). But this weekend, some friends and I also gathered to consider what our hopes are for this election — beyond the names we hope to see win, what do we want to achieve?

Some of the things we named were: safety on election day for all; truth and facts being shared in the media; leaders who understand the gravity of their responsibilities and work hard to find the best solutions for everyone; resilience for our country and communities. I do think that certain candidates will help us achieve these goals, but it was also a good reminder that the values are ultimately more important than the individuals. We can vote for individuals in each election cycle who we think best represent those values, but we need to remember our Big Picture goals.

There will be many, many people who make big personal sacrifices to help our communities continue moving toward health and wellness and security and peace. We may remember some names and others will get lost amidst the histories of so many communities, each with its own stories and dramas. I know personally how hard it is to run for office and serve. It is not an easy path, and there are many imperfect but absolutely well-intentioned people who put themselves out in the public to offer themselves as leaders who will take on the massive responsibility of elected office. THANK YOU to everyone who has run for office this year.

As we wait together, I hold you in my heart. Community, I love you all. I want you to thrive. I cast my ballot for all of YOU.

My ballot is cast. Is yours?

It’s a big week. Remember to fortify yourself with sleep and nourishing food. To that end, enjoy this week’s vegetables!

Your farmers, Katie & Casey Kulla

P.S. People have begun asking about 2021 … honestly, it’s been hard for us to even begin planning while we wait for this election. We will have news in next week’s newsletter, which will be the final one of 2020! This is our second-to-last CSA pick-up this week.

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