Join us for the fall season!

Last week's beautiful share, to be delivered to a happy customer in Newberg. (Same great stuff went to Mac of course.)

Have you always wanted to try our CSA but been daunted by a yearlong commitment? Well, we’re facing a very abundant looking fall and wanted to offer a special shorter season experience for folks to try right now. Our “Fall CSA Season” will begin the last full week in September and run through the week before Thanksgiving — nine weeks total for a price of $216 ($24/week; we give out $25-30+ worth of fruits and veggies each week, making this the best deal in town!).

Each week, you will receive a bountiful selection of the season’s harvest. We carefully select a balanced share to allow you to have fun in your kitchen: cooking greens, roots, green veggies, onions, garlic, and always some fruit! We’ve been at this for nine years now and have developed a great sense for how foods go together well to help you make best use of the season’s offerings. In fact, we received this email from a member this week:

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful fruit & veggies this week. Very nice selection!

In addition to the produce, each week we email you a reminder to pick-up on the day before, with a link to our week’s newsletter offering farm news and cooking suggestions for that week’s selection. Fall is one of the most delicious times of year, featuring a blend of the best of summer and winter. This would a fabulous time to get on board and experience the peak of seasonal eating. (Think one share might be too much for your household, even as a shorter trial? You are welcome to split a share with a friend. Many members enjoy the community aspect of sharing their share!)

We offer two convenient pick-up locations:

  • McMinnville pick-up — Tuesdays, 3:30 – 6 pm in the Granary District (just southwest of downtown Mac), season runs from September 23 – November 18
  • Newberg pick-up — Wednesdays, 4 – 8 pm at a private residence near George Fox, season runs from September 24 – November 19

Ready to sign-up? Email us with your contact info (names, address) and note your desired pick-up location. I will email you back an invoice for the season plus welcome information (including a few more pertinent pick-up logistics and details). Also, please note if you were referred by a current CSA member so that we can properly thank them!!!!

Direct all emails (including any questions) to us at farm (at) oakhillorganics (dot) org. You can also call us at 503-474-7661 if that works better for you (although you might hear our children yelling in the background as we talk). We are excited to have you join us for our fabulous fall experience!!!!

P.S. By offering this shorter trial season, are we hoping you’ll fall in love and be hooked and join our 2015 CSA? Of course, we are! And, we know you will!

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8 Responses to Join us for the fall season!

  1. Julie Arzner says:

    I’m excited to try this!!! What forms of payment do you take?

  2. Gayle Toft says:

    I would use the McMinnville pick up location

  3. Heidi Reinker says:

    I can pick up on Tuesday’s in McMinnville.

  4. Hillery Crew says:

    I sent you a email. I wanted to ask some questions! I think I am interested in doing this for the fall!


  5. Kelly Slepicka says:

    Interested! Can I break the payments up? How do you want to be paid?

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  7. Susanne Howard says:

    Pick up in Mac.

  8. Sophie foley says:

    I would love to participate in your csa. Is it something I can pay weekly? How do you bill. I would be picking up at the granary

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