More advice for wannabe farmers

Rich of Mossback Farm just wrote a GREAT POST about starting a farm. If you’re even remotely thinking about it, read his post NOW!

This evening I also ran across a second fabulous post about buying land on The Living Green Farm’s blog. This post is very Oregon centered (applicable to folks like Rich & us) but could be useful for anyone anywhere. One thing that’s great about being in Oregon is that bureaucracy is fairly transparent. For example, if your land has water rights, it will be on record (and even on the web). I’m not sure how these things go in other states. Obviously water rights don’t exist in the east (isn’t that a CRAZY idea?), but the USDA soil survey information would be applicable across the nation.

Finally, if you haven’t read it yet, I’d also refer wannabe farmers to our own ‘advice for new farmers’ style post: “Full disclosure: young farmers tell all.”

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