More good books to read

Two of our food heroes published new books this year with startlingly similar titles, both of which have proven promising in our initial quick reads.

Marion Nestle, nutritionist and food activist, published What to Eat, a very thorough guide and resource to nutrition and all kinds of foods most Americans eat. She organizes it by sections in the supermarket and tries to answer some of the more problematic questions about food safety and nutrition for each one. We’ve been reading some of the sections this week and have been impressed by her thoughtfulness and reasoning. She also continually explains why she makes buying organic and local a priority at every step. Hoorah.

Another hero of ours, Nina Planck (daughter of farmers and founder of farmers markets in London), published Real Food: What to Eat and Why. Again, a very similar title but very different approach to the question of what to eat. Planck blends brief bits of memoir and personal experience with the research and findings of others. It is perhaps a more accessible book, being both shorter and lighter in tone, but has the potential to be very important as well. She also takes some controversial stands on what have been accepted as fact, such as the health affects of things like lard and butter. Very interesting stuff.

We recommend either book to folks looking to inform their own food choices.

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