More holiday harvest info!

Some folks asked for a head’s up on next week’s share so that they can better plan their holiday harvest order. The preliminary list is as follows: onions, pie pumpkin/delicata/butternut (your choice), potatoes, salad mix, radicchio, carrots, beets, brussels sprouts, and chard/kale. And, here is the original info about ordering:

Hey Mac CSA members! Want to order some special items for storage or use in your upcoming Thanksgiving meal? Select from below and place an order via email ( by the end of next Sunday. Please clearly list what you want and the amount you want. We will harvest your veggies and bring them next Tuesday to pick-up! Here is what is available, including storage information:

Salad mix — store in fridge, 1-2 weeks ~ $7/lb
Cabbage — in fridge for weeks/months ~ $4/head
Chard — in fridge in bag for up to two weeks ~ $2/bunch
Kale — in fridge in bag for two or more weeks ~ $2/bu
Parsley — in fridge in bag, 1-2 weeks ~ $2/bunch
Brussels sprouts — in fridge in bag, 2 weeks ~ $3.50/lb
Celery root — in fridge in bag, weeks/months  ~ $4/root
Pie pumpkins — cool, dry place for weeks ~ $1/lb
Delicata squash — cool, dry place for weeks ~ $1.50/lb
Orange Dawn squash — cool, dry place, weeks ~ $1/lb
Butternut squash — cool, dry place, weeks ~ $1/lb
Beets — in fridge in bag, several weeks ~ $2.50/bunch
Carrots — in fridge in bag, several weeks ~ $2.50/bunch
Potatoes — in fridge in bag, several weeks ~ $2.25/lb
Cooking onions — in cool, dry place, months ~ $2.25/lb
Leeks — in fridge in bag for several weeks ~ $3/lb
Garlic — in cool, dry place for several months ~ $7/lb

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One Response to More holiday harvest info!

  1. Tricia Crawford says:

    Hi Katie and Casey,

    Thanks for posting info on Tuesday’s (11/22) share. Is this where I should give you my order for Thanksgiving? Just in case it is, my order is:
    2 heads Cabbage ~ $4/head
    2 bunches Chard ~ $2/bunch
    2 bunches Kale ~ $2/bu
    3 lbs Brussels sprouts ~ $3.50/lb
    4 Celery roots ~ $4/root
    3 bunches Beets ~ $2.50/bunch
    10 Cooking onions ~ $2.25/lb
    10 Leeks ~ $3/lb
    4 heads Garlic ~ $7/lb

    Just in case it isn’t – I’ll also send you an additional email at:

    Many thanks and Happy Gratitude Day! We are grateful for you, Oakhill Organics, and delicious healthy veggies.



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