Winter Holiday Harvest 2019

The winter forest

Winter is almost upon us! The nights are long; trees empty; skies gray; neighborhoods festive … which means it’s time for our winter Holiday Harvest! This is an opportunity for you to place a custom order. Use it to plan your upcoming holiday meals or just stock your pantry!

How it works: you look at the list of items below and select what you’d like. Email us your order to farm (at) oakhillorganics (dot) com by Wednesday evening. On Friday, December 22, from 3-5 pm, we’ll bring the harvests to our downtown storefront for you to pick up! You can bring cash or check for payment.

Now, time for you to pick! …

  • Apples ~ Goldrush (yellow) or Cortland (red) ~ $3/lb (order by the each or lb)
  • Seasonal salad mix ~ $4 per 0.5 lb bag (order by the bag)
  • Brussels sprouts ~ $5/lb (order by the lb)
  • Chard ~ Golden ~ $3/bunch (order by the bunch)
  • Kale ~ Dinosaur or Red Russian ~ $3/bunch (order by the bunch)
  • Cabbage ~ Salad/fresh or storage ~ $2/lb (order by the each)
  • Spaghetti squash ~ $2/lb (order by the each)
  • Pie pumpkins ~ $2/lb (order by the each)
  • Carrots ~ $3/lb (order by the lb)
  • Beets ~ $2/lb (order by the lb)
  • Potatoes ~ Yellow or red ~ $2/lb (order by the lb)
  • Leeks ~ $3/bu (order by the bunch)

Questions? You can call (503-474-7661) or email: farm(at)oakhillorganics(dot)com.

Remember to order by Wednesday evening!!!!!

And Happy Winter!

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