Winter update + Holiday Harvest!

Greenhouse building time!

Greenhouse building time!

Hello friends! We are writing to you from the midst of the darkest days here on the farm. Although I must admit, the recent days on the farm have been lovely for mid-December — mild weather and a bit of sun. We still look forward to the Winter Solstice, however. The slow return of the light brings the end of our winter rest and the energy we need to get the next season going (we’ll start sowing seeds in January!).

In the meantime, we’re keeping plenty busy on these short days. In addition to our continued harvests for restaurants and the Full Diet CSA, Casey has been working on a new high tunnel greenhouse for growing crops in the field in these colder seasons (such as this one). In our many years of winter harvest, we’ve learned that winter is defined by its variability. One year may be mild, leaving all our greens alive in the fields; the next might be frigid and cold. It happens! So, adding another high tunnel to our set of winter growing tools seems like a wise investment of our time and money so that we can be more sure of good tasty eating (especially those beloved greens like kale!).

I have been busy preparing all the behind the scenes stuff for 2015 — processing CSA sign ups (have you signed up yet? You can do it RIGHT NOW here on our website!), making budgets, etc etc etc. October through February are my fullest months of paperwork, which works out perfectly with the rest of the farm work load!

We are also of course fully in the midst of birthday and Christmas celebrations for our family (Rusty turned five last week!). The days are chock full of wonderful things like bowling, choir concerts, parties with extended family, tree decorating, and lots of delicious holiday foods.

And, to help you eat exceedingly well this holiday season, it’s time for our second Holiday Harvest for this winter! The harvest day will be this Friday, December 19. The list of available items is below. All are welcome to place an order. Here’s how it will work: You make a list of what you what and send it to us by Thursday evening (for your convenience, you can use the form at the bottom of this post, but you can also email it). Then on Friday, we’ll gather all your items and bring them to our new storefront in downtown Mac — the backside of Yamhill Valley Dry Goods (416 NE 3rd St — but we are accessible from the parking lot on 2nd St). Come by between 2 and 4 pm to pick up your veggies!!! Here is the list:

  • Seasonal salad mix — A mix of hardy salad greens with a beautiful range of colors and textures. Order by the lb. ~ $7/lb
  • Brussels sprouts — Order by the lb. ~ $3.50/lb
  • Kohlrabi — These are large! Order by the each. ~ $1/lb
  • Collard greens — Order by the bunch ~ $3/bunch
  • Carrots — Order by the lb. ~ $2.50/lb
  • Beets — Order by the lb. ~ $1.50/lb
  • Parsnips — Order by the lb. ~ $2/lb
  • Yukon Gold potatoes — Order by the lb. ~ $2.25/lb
  • Leeks — Order by the lb. ~ $4/lb
  • Garlic — Order by the head ~ $6/lb
  • Apples — Order by the each. Please choose Honeycrisp (great for fresh eating) or Newton Pippin (great for cooking. ~ $3/lb
  • Corn flour ~ $5/lb
  • Oat flour ~ $5/lb
  • Walnuts — In the shell ~ $5/lb

Here is the form for sending us your list! Please get it to us by Thursday evening. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!

[contact-form-7 id=”3310″ title=”Holiday Harvest order form”]

Your farmers, Casey & Katie Kulla

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