Yay! It’s … summer?

(CSA Newsletter: Week 20)

Meet this week’s vegetables:

  • Sugar snap peas — Finally! We’ve waited and waited until the peas were just perfectly plump, sweet and prolific. The first harvest was even better than we anticipated, so each share will be receiving a mammoth bag of edible pod peas. You can certainly cook with these, but we usually eat them raw as a snack (just snap off the ends and peel back the string). We now these are a favorite for many folks in the CSA, so enjoy! (And there are many more weeks of sugar snap peas to come!)
  • Broccoli — Another CSA favorite! The first of this summer’s broccoli!
  • Spinach OR salad mix — Your choice between spinach and lettuce mix.
  • Red butter lettuce
  • Green butter lettuce
  • Fresh sweet onions
  • Garlic scapes — Some more garlic scape ideas, courtesy Mariquita Farm’s website: “Add sliced scapes to any stir fry recipe. Slice and sprinkle over any pasta, or slice and cook them in almost any sauce recipe. Great in guacamole and fresh salsa, too. Chop & add to softened cream cheese. Add chopped fresh scapes when serving a light garlic soup; can also add them to buttered, french bread floated on the soup. Use them as you would green onions; they’re just better. Good in salads, on bruschetta, pizza. An excellent addition to stocks … and much Asian cuisine. Put in Thai chicken/basil/coconut soup.”
  • The hybrid word “June-uary” has been making a comeback around the farm. We used that funny word a lot back in 2008, when we thought we were having a tremendously cold June. It turns out that the weather can always exceed our expectations and past experiences, because this June is even wetter and colder than that one was!

    However, it is officially summer — regardless of the gloominess. So, we’re going ahead with our summer routines and plans. We went to the coast this weekend to celebrate Father’s Day with Casey’s family, and we walked on the beach, in spite of the drizzly rain and chill wind.

    We hope that your summer plans will include attending our first farm open house this Sunday (2-4 pm). We’ll be here, rain or shine, to give you tours of the fields! Tours will begin at 2 pm and 3 pm.

    Also, again in spite of the coolness, the vegetables are growing. In fact, we can’t complain too much, because the weather has been absolutely perfect for peas, broccoli and spinach. We’re having a bumper crop of spinach this spring (yay!), and this is by far the biggest quantity of peas we’ve ever given out at once. Enjoy this week’s vegetables!

    Your farmers, Katie & Casey Kulla

    ~ ~ ~

    Important dates – Coming up!

    Sometime soon ~ The CSA pick-up will move to the newly remodeled Market building in the Granary District! We’ll keep you posted for the date when we know it.

    June 27 ~ CSA Open House at the farm! We’ll be hanging out at the farm from 2-4 pm and welcome you to come out and see your crops growing for yourself! We’ll give farm tours at 2 pm and at 3 pm. If you arrive in between those times, you’ll be welcome to take a self-guided walkabout.

    Directions to the farm: Take HWY-18 to Dayton. Take the Dayton exit and stay heading south on HWY-221/Wallac Rd. After about six or seven miles, look for signs to Heiser Pumpkin Patch. Turn LEFT onto Grand Island Rd. After you cross the bridge onto the island, take the first RIGHT onto SE Upper Island Rd. Our driveway is the first on your LEFT.

    July 1 ~ Third $240 payment due for folks on on the quarterly payment plan!

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