An anniversary

I looked at my 2006 pocket planner today and realized that yesterday was an important anniversary: one year ago yesterday we first walked on our land.

It’s certainly hard to believe it’s been that long. In fact, probably few people know what we went through to buy our land or how long we looked at it. It took us nine months and three offers before we were headed towards closing (and lots of brainstorming in the financing area at every step). My (Katie) parents coming on board was one of the final factors that made it possible, as well as a generous loan from a friend.

But that day, last January, when we first saw our field … we almost cried. We thought it was so out of reach. And we loved it so much. The sun even came out just as we arrived. There were birds singing. Yes, it was love at first sight.

Now we’re just anxious to be living out there. Framing was put off one day for various reasons, and we start tomorrow morning at 8 am. We’ll have Red Fox pastries out there to fuel us, so it should be a fast start. Hoorah!

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