Local or organic?

In today’s Food Day section, The Oregonian ran one of the best pieces I’ve seen addressing the current ‘debate’ about which is ‘better’: locally or organically grown food. Leslie Cole summarizes the issues so well that I won’t repeat it here, except to say read it, if you can.

Casey and I only had two points of contention with the well-written article: first of all, you don’t always have to choose—Oakhill Organics is only one of many small, direct-market-oriented certified organic farms. Also, Cole said that if you want to eat local food in the Northwest during the winter that you’d ‘better get used to cabbage.’ Ah. Yes. The classic myth about non-summer foods: boring and repetitive. We hope to prove this year that there is much much much more to eat in the Northwest than cabbage during the cold months. Such variety!

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