Thanksgiving 2018

Happy fall, everyone! Thanksgiving is coming early this year — next week! We’ll be hosting our usual Thanksgiving Holiday Harvest next week as well. Here’s how it works:

You read the list below and decide what you want and how much. You can order for your holiday meal or just simply to stock your pantry for the coming weeks. Then send us an email with your completed list to farm(at)oakhillorganics(dot)com by the end of this Sunday. Please provide your name and cell phone number with your order in case we have questions!

We’ll harvest your order and bring it to our downtown Mac farm storefront for you to pick up (and pay for) on Tuesday, November 20, 4-6 pm. Our storefront is located off of the 2nd St parking lot between Evans and Davis Streets.

Now that you know what to do, here’s the list with unit size and price:

  • Goldrush apples ~ Yellow with strong flavor, suitable for cooking or eating ~ $3/lb
  • Melrose apples ~ Red and good eating or pie apple ~ $3/lb
  • Honeycrisp apples ~ Red and good eating apple ~ $3/lb
  • Seasonal salad mix ~ $4 for a 1/2 lb bag
  • Arugula ~ $4 for a 1/2 lb bag
  • Brussels sprouts ~ $5/lb
  • Kale ~ $3/bunch
  • Chard ~ $3/bunch
  • Cabbage ~ $2/lb (order by the each)
  • Cauliflower ~ $3/lb (order by the each)
  • Masquerade potatoes ~ Purple/yellow skin with yellow flesh ~ $3/lb
  • Harvest moon potatoes ~ Purple skin with yellow flesh ~ $3/lb
  • Beets ~ $3/lb
  • Carrots ~ $3/lb
  • Spaghetti squash ~ $2/lb (order by the each)
  • Pie pumpkins ~ $2/lb (order by the each)
  • Delicata winter squash ~ $2/lb (order by the each)
  • Butternut squash ~ $2/lb (order by the each)
  • Marina di Chioggia squash ~ $1/lb (order by the each; these are big!)

If you have any questions, you can call me: 503-474-7661. Looking forward to seeing and feeding some of you next week!


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